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Kalender-Icon DB2 9.7 Bootcamp and Oracle to DB2 9.7 Migration Clinic

Montag, 7. Juni 2010 bis Donnerstag, 10. Juni 2010

The DB2 9.7 Bootcamp introduces features and enhancements in the latest version of DB2 for Linux®, UNIX® and Windows®. Detailed presentations and hands-on labs are included where attendees will gain in-depth knowledge of exciting new features including:

  • Migrating your Oracle application to DB2 9.7 in only days
  • Even deeper compression. DB2 9.7 optimizes the storage use of your table data and more.
  • Reduce the cost of administering your storage with enhancements to Partitioned Tables, Schema Management and Data Movement operations.
  • Achieve the right level of service confidence with the enhanced  workload management,  DB2 9.7 Autonomics and the Self-Tuning Memory Manager.
  • Learn about planned features that bring new levels of throughput to your applications.
  • Leverage your XML data with pureXML®. DB2 9.7 integrates your XML data with advanced database features.
  • Advanced security with LBAC and better separation of security roles in DB2 9.7.
  • And more ….

Other products, including IBM Data Studio, IBM solidDB® and IBM InfoSphere™ Balanced Warehouse, will also be included in the presentations.

This is the clinic for you if you are

  • An IBM DB2 client or business partner interested in learning DB2 9.7 for Linux, UNIX and Windows or
  • An IBM DB2 client or business partner preparing to migrate an application from an Oracle database to DB2 9.7.
  • A consultant currently working with or planning to work with DB2 9.7 for customer engagements

There is no charge to attend.

Register here

Contact information

For more information about the DB2 9.7 Bootcamp or any of the Information Management Partner Bootcamps please contact your local IBM team. For generic bootcamp questions please contact
askdata@ca.ibm.com with subject “Bootcamp question”.

4-days agenda

Day 1:

1.0 Welcome!
1.1 DB2 Techie Survival Guide
1.2 DB2 Features Spotlight
< Break >
1.3 DB2 Fundamentals and Data Studio
1.4 DB2 Fundamentals and Tools Lab (Hands-on)
1.5 DB2 Practical Autonomics
1.6 DB2 Practical Autonomics Lab (Hands-on)
< Break >
1.7 DB2 Backup and Recovery
1.8 DB2 Backup and Recovery (Hands-on)

Day 2:

2.1 DB2 Storage Optimization
2.2 Storage Lab (Hands-on)
2.3 Range Partitioning
< Break >
2.4 Range Partitioning (Hands-on)
2.5 solidDB cache for DB2
2.6 solidDB cache for DB2 Lab (Hands-on)
2.7 DB2 Workload Management
2.8 DB2 Workload Management Lab (Hands-on)
< Break >
2.9 DB2 pureXML Technology Overview
2.10 DB2 pureXML (Optional) (Hands-on)

Day 3:

3.1 DB2 9.7 Oracle Database Compatibility Features
3.2 Migrating to DB2 – Tasks and Tools
< Break >
3.3 Enabling Openbravo to DB2 (Hands-on)
3.4 Data Concurrency
3.5 Data Concurrency (Hands-on)
3.6 DB2 CLPlus (Hands-on)
3.7 DB2 Programming interfaces
3.8 DB2 High Availability Overview

Day 4:

4.1 DB2 pureScale
4.2 DB2 Security
4.3 DB2 Security Lab (Hands-on)
4.4 IBM InfoSphere Balanced Warehouse C-Class
4.5 Exam Review
4.6 DB2 Technical Mastery Test (M45)
4.7 DB2 for SAP (Optional)

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