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Kalender-Icon KiWi 1.0 release party

Ort: Planetarium Wien Oswald Thomas Platz 1, 1020 Wien
Donnerstag, 14. Oktober 2010 - 18:30 bis 23:59

KiWi is an open-source development platform for building Semantic Social Media applications. It offers features required for Social Media applications such as versioning, (semantic) tagging, rich text editing, easy linking, rating and commenting, as well as advanced “smart“ services such as recommendations, intelligent search, a sophisticated social reputation system, vocabulary management, and rich visualisation.

KiWi can be used both, as a platform for building custom Semantic Social Media applications and as a Semantic Social Index, integrating content and data from a variety of different sources, e.g. wikis, blogs and content management systems in an enterprise intranet. Third-party applications can access the KiWi system using simple-to-use web services.

Location: Planetarium Wien Oswald Thomas Platz 1, 1020 Wien

Keynote Speaker “Open source solutions a source of Inspiration”

Ross Gardler is manager of OSS Watch a JISC funded open source advisory service to the UK Higher and Further education sector and is currently the Vice President of Community Development at The Apache Software Foundation. OSS Watch provides unbiased advice and guidance to UK higher and further education on the user of free and open source software. As Vice President of Community Development Ross Gardler works with a team helping people understand and engage with the way software is developed at The Apache Software Foundation.

KiWi Version 1.0 Demonstration

Sebastian Schaffert is head of the “Knowledge and Media Technologies” group (KMT) at Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft m.b.H. He is engaged in research on Social Media, the Semantic Web, Knowledge Representation, and Multimedia Information Systems. His particular interest is currently in the combination of Social Media with Semantic Web technologies. He is coordinator and lead technical architect of „KIWI – Knowledge in a Wiki”.


06.30 pm Welcome Reception
07.00 pm John Pereira (Salzburg Research): ‘Welcome to KiWi 1.0 Release Party’
07.15 pm Keynote: Ross Gardler (Vice President at Apache Software Foundation): ‘Open source solutions a source of Inspiration’
07.45 pm Sebastian Schaffert (Salzburg Research, KiWi Project Leader): ‘A walk through the KiWi Version 1.0 release focusing on the core architecture, the enabling technologies, and the available applications’
08.15 pm Andreas Blumauer (Semantic Web Company): ‘PoolParty vocabulary management, an extension for the KiWi platform’
08.30 pm Announcement of KiWi Developer’s Challenge: A call to developers to contribute prototypes or ideas for new KiWi extensions, modules or applications.
08.45 pm with open end networking, demonstrations, finger food, DJ lounge, drinks.

The KiWi Release 1.0 Event is a free event for anyone who is interested in the KiWi open-source platform – for better planning please do a registration via e-mail:

RSVP: kiwimail@kiwi-community.eu

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