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Kalender-Icon Media Architecture Biennale 2010

Ort: künstlerhaus, karlsplatz 5, 1010 wien
Donnerstag, 7. Oktober 2010 bis Samstag, 9. Oktober 2010

Media Architecture Biennale 2010 comprises an exhibition, a conference and workshops, which are closely coordinated. Some of the projects on exhibit are discussed in the context of the conference. Topics of the conference are illustrated by objects on exhibition. Events are planned so that they offer the best possible framework for the discussion of current topics, for getting to know each other and for the development of project ideas.

It is necessary to initiate the development of practices for the application of media architecture to urban, public space. Digital media increasingly surge into public space by way of new interfaces like media facades and cellular phone network applications and this leads to the interaction and fusion of different technologies and patterns of use. Concurrently cities are facing immense challenges in the form of (negative) growth, economic change, power supply, traffic and migration.
Media Architecture Biennale is an event that intends to shed light on the chances and risks that go along with change in appearance and social change of globalized cities and discuss alternative forms and contents of new formats of architecture and media. The cooperation of practical experience and research under involvement of diverse stakeholders and experts are in the forefront of this event.

Ort: künstlerhaus, karlsplatz 5, 1010 wien

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